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Every citizen of the Union shall, in the territory of a third country in which the Member State of which he is a national is not represented, be entitled to protection by the diplomatic or consular authorities of any Member State, on the same conditions as the nationals of that State.
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The CARE database collects relevant legal materials on diplomatic and consular protection adopted in each EU Member State.
Various types of documents are collected: legislation, case law, administrative directives and guidelines, and also other informative materials made available by national governments for their citizens.
The database contains full text documents in their original language, enriched by a metadata set, i.e. information about the documents. Metadata are translated into English and French. Texts of the most relevant documents are translated into English and French as well.
The database also contains relevant international multilateral conventions and European Union documents.

Access to documents is possible through:

  • browsing, starting from lists of materials from different jurisdictions
  • searching, through two different search forms (simple and advanced)

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